As part of its commitment to the environment, Excavation Patrice Couture offers a service of soil decontamination.

Decontamination offers a second life

When we perform soil cleanup our job is to decontaminate a soil or an area suitable for a new use after it has been polluted by industrial or commercial activities or any other accidents who can become a risk for human health and even cause damage to the building structure.

Recognizing the importance of decontamination in achieving your future projects, the experts of Excavation Patrice Couture work closely with specialized laboratories mandated or incurred by us to plan the elimination of toxins from the soil. Our specialized equipment and expertise allow us to carry out decontamination in any conditions, as much on large sites than in depth with our methods of soil retaining.

The environment is a priority for us. We take care to dispose of toxic waste in sites designed for this purpose. The trucks of Excavation Patrice Couture ensure safe transportation of dangerous materials.