About us

Story of Excavation Patrice Couture

Excavation Patrice Couture was founded in 1993 by M Patrice Couture. At that time, the company’s activities were mainly oriented towards residential excavation and 6 employees were enough to meet demand.

Over the years, commercial and industrial sectors have been developed. However, it is only in 1998 that the company extension’s exploded with the development of two new sectors, the petrolium and the decontamination.

With the help of its key leaders, Mr. Michel Giroux, President and Mr. Jean-Francois Perreault, Vice President, they have propelled the company to another level.

Since that time, Excavation Patrice Couture continues to grow. The company now has over 40 employees and a turnover around 20 million dollars.

Corporate Vision

Driven by the vision of its clients, Excavation Patrice Couture used his technical knowledge and creativity of its team to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of all his clients.

In addition, the company makes every effort to plan, excavate and perform all their work the respect of the environment. Their working methods are constantly evolving, which promotes the establishment of new environmental technologies minimizing the impact of excavation on environment and thereby reducing the ecological footprint.